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1924 First Winter Olympics: Fun Facts

The main Winter Games were hosted at Les Houches, Chamonix France.

Chamonix 1924: Entertaining Fact 2

What happened prior?

Prior to the 1924 Winter Olympics, only some snowboarding were Olympic events. For instance, Ice Hockey was introduced as an Olympic Event in Antwerp with 1920 and Figure Skating was a gathering at the London Olympics in 1908 and the Antwerp Olympics.

Chamonix 1924: Fun Fact 3

Previous medal – 1974

The final medal for the 1924 Winter Games, was presented with 1974. A scoring error was noticed 50 years following your event and the bronze medal for ski jumping was presented to your American, Anders Haugen. He was the main American to win a ski jumping medal.

Haugen have been recorded as finishing fourth along with the bronze medal had been awarded to your Norwegian skier Thorleif Haug, who also won three gold medals in the 1924 Winter Games.

In 1974, at the grow old of 86, Haugen traveled to Norway and was given the bronze medal as a result of Thorleif Haug’s daughter.

Chamonix 1924: Fun Fact 4

Silver recognized in 2006

Great britain won the Gold at the Curling event at this 1924 Winter Games, although it wasn’t recognized until 2006, 82 many years later.

It seems Curling was thought to be a demonstration event inside 1924 Games and it was eventually only a campaign through the Herald in Glasgow that led to the IOC’s decision with 2006 to award the gold medal.

Chamonix 1924: Fun Fact 5

Award for No Event

A Prize was awarded at the closing of the 1924 Winter Games for any sport of “Alpinisme” or even “Haute Montagne”. This can be a European term for climbing. The prize was awarded to Charles Granville Bruce, which led the expedition that will attempted the climb associated with Mount Everest in 1922.

Chamonix 1924: Fun Fact 6

Biathalon Beginnings

The test event Military Patrol was first in the 1924 First Winter Video game titles. This is a mix of cross country skiing, mountaineering and shooting. The modern sport is Biathalon which was first introduced into the Winter Olympics program with 1960.

Chamonix 1924: Fun Fact 7

1924 : 1992

The winter Olympics would continue before it starts in 1924 to be held inside same years of that Olympic Games proper till 1992.
The first Winter Olympic Games were only available in 1901. It was originally called the “Nordic Games. ” First held within Sweden, the games were organized by Viktor Gustaf Balck. 3 years later, the International Olympic Panel (IOC), under the leadership of Italian count Eugenio Brunetta d’Usseaux, proposed the staging in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. However, the IOC members opposed the proposal due to the lack of facilities for winter sports. In 1920, the Antwerp Winter Olympic Games was held after the First Environment War. After the IOC Congress in 1921, the panel chose France to host the 1924 Winter Olympics.

Through the Second World War, that IOC postponed the 1940 Wintertime Games in Sapporo, Japan. The IOC’s decision in postponing the said event produced its withdrawal in 1938 after the invasion of Japanese energies in China. In 1939, this games were moved with Sapporo to Garmisch-Partenkirchen City in Germany. Winter Games

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